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04 – Baker – The Caker (Jordan Rondel)

Not many people know what they want to achieve in their life now, let alone when they kickstarted a career, let alone in their childhood. For Jordan Rondel – The Caker – it was almost meant to be. Spending time with her grandparents in Paris, cooking, creating breads & pastries, [ … ]

03 – Author – James Russell

What are you doing in your spare time? Your evenings? Your weekends? Even your daily commute? Are you chilling on the couch? Are you browsing social channels on your phone? Imagine what you could achieve if you used these hours creatively… Children’s book author James Russell was writing books on [ … ]

02 – Stencil Artist – Flox (Hayley King)

Stencil Artist Hayley King – better known as Flox (http://flox.co.nz/) is a stencil artist, operating from the Haus of Flox in Auckland: a scapel and a spray can are her creative tools of choice. Flox creates stunning works of art, including hand-painted originals, small affordable prints, laser cut stencils (more [ … ]

01 – Introduction – Jason Naylor

Welcome to episode 01 of Breaking Art: The Podcast – the alchemy of Creativity & Commerce – making art vs. making money. I am your host, Jason Naylor, and I welcome you along on this crazy journey. I’m a photographer – specifically, a wedding photographer – running a creative, quirky, [ … ]