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18 – Designer – Charli Marie

Designer Charli Marie is soooo much more than just a designer. Charli is passionate about helping creatives improve their craft and process. But, Charli is also passionate about side projects. The side hustle. Charli is in the enviable position of having a very steady and reliable income, doing something she [ … ]

16 – Writer -Vanessa Evetts

Starvation, Caffeination, Isolation Imagine taking weeks to leave aside your family and retreating to a friend’s caravan to do one thing: write. Author Vanessa Evetts is 3 books into her journey of authoring 8 books, and this is just one of the many tactics she uses to get her books [ … ]

14 – Stylist – Yvette Edwards

As creatives, we’re so much more than just our title. It’s hard to brand ourselves using just a single word, and Yvette Edwards is no exception. Yvette has experience as a ‘florist’, could possibly be identified as a ‘stylist’, but prefers to be identified as a ‘visual creative’. Nothing – [ … ]

13 – Illustrator – Pepper Raccoon

  Scrappy, humourous, upfront & honest, insanely talented. Illustrator Pepper Raccoon joined me in the Kombi to talk business: selling products & services, the value of humour, and quite simply – not being ashamed to sell your artwork. “to have a career you have to make money“ Pepper also discussed [ … ]

11 РSculptor РMax Patt̩

Can you ever imagine how the toughest time in your life could possibly result in your career taking off? Max Patte is the sculptor responsible for the iconic Wellington waterfront sculpture: Solace in the Wind. Described by the artist as an “emotional portrait”, Solace is considered a physical representation of [ … ]

09 – Photographer – Paul Alsop

Ever had anyone cry while you were creating your art? Ever had someone just want to hang out alongside you for hours as you craft and create, just because what you’re creating – how you’re creating it – is such an amazing process? Today’s guest, photographer Paul Alsop, is bringing [ … ]

08 – Architect – Rui (Critical Design)

Disillusioned by self-driven success culture – Rui left his University architecture degree early to solve bigger problems. “How might my deepest desire meet the world’s deepest need?” With an orientation towards social justice, Rui – and his team at Critical Design – are solving problems by sharing everything they have, [ … ]

07 – Painter – Sofia Minson

Who needs a television, a couch, or even a living room? What a waste of good space. Ever imagined converting an entire room in your house into your creative studio? Today’s guest is painter Sofia Minson, and she’s done exactly that. The biggest, lightest, and most comfortable room in her [ … ]

04 – Baker – The Caker (Jordan Rondel)

Not many people know what they want to achieve in their life now, let alone when they kickstarted a career, let alone in their childhood. For Jordan Rondel – The Caker – it was almost meant to be. Spending time with her grandparents in Paris, cooking, creating breads & pastries, [ … ]

03 – Author – James Russell

What are you doing in your spare time? Your evenings? Your weekends? Even your daily commute? Are you chilling on the couch? Are you browsing social channels on your phone? Imagine what you could achieve if you used these hours creatively… Children’s book author James Russell was writing books on [ … ]

02 – Stencil Artist – Flox (Hayley King)

Stencil Artist Hayley King – better known as Flox (http://flox.co.nz/) is a stencil artist, operating from the Haus of Flox in Auckland: a scapel and a spray can are her creative tools of choice. Flox creates stunning works of art, including hand-painted originals, small affordable prints, laser cut stencils (more [ … ]