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02 – Stencil Artist – Flox (Hayley King)

Stencil Artist Hayley King – better known as Flox (http://flox.co.nz/) is a stencil artist, operating from the Haus of Flox in Auckland: a scapel and a spray can are her creative tools of choice.

Flox creates stunning works of art, including hand-painted originals, small affordable prints, laser cut stencils (more on that in the podcast episode!), through to huge public exhibitions.

Flox has just recently completed the 300sqm she spoke of during the interview, for the The Enliven Places Programme in Christchurch. Check out the details on her blog!

Connect with Flox on Insta and Facebook, or visit her Blog directly for all the latest goodies!

Listen to Breaking Art: The Podcast episode 02, as we dive into the world of Flox!

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