18 – Designer – Charli Marie

Designer Charli Marie is soooo much more than just a designer.

Charli is passionate about helping creatives improve their craft and process.

But, Charli is also passionate about side projects. The side hustle.

Charli is in the enviable position of having a very steady and reliable income, doing something she loves, and yet still using her time wisely to pursue her side projects.

Her side projects include a YouTube channel (and not just any old YouTube channel, but a particularly popular one), a podcast, t-shirts and prints, and so much more.

Charli makes time for the side hustle, and the side hustles repay her in more ways than you can imagine. Her side projects – how she uses her extra time – are helping her live the life she wants.

So much more than just a designer, today’s guest is Charli Marie. Enjoy!

Website: Charli Marie
ConvertKit: ConvertKit
Youtube channel: charlimarietv
Design Life podcast: http://designlife.fm/
Dribbble: @charliprangley
Twitter: @charliprangley
Instagram: @charliprangley

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Designer - Charli Marie
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