17 – Photographer – Catherine Cattanach

The eryngium giganteum – aka Miss Willmott’s ghost – is a thistle, a sharp prickly plant.

Yet for someone who collects – thoughts, ideas, images, inspiration – this prickly plant provided a huge source of inspiration and enabled her to create pure art.

“what could I live with on my walls”

She answered the question: “what could I live with on my walls”, and created beautiful imagery, sold prints, produced a book, and has gone onto further wild and wonderful things.

By opening our lives to more things – by living a varied existence – even prickly little plants like eryngium giganteum can spark ideas and inspiration, and help us to create art that we love. That the world loves.

Today’s guest, Photographer Catherine Cattanach, is a photographer, artist, and collector.

Join us as we discuss her background in journalism before photography, becoming an MWAC, enjolying and then burning out from weddings, the business of headshots, seeking mentoring, the value of awards, selling art that you love, and yes – that prickly plant.

Catherine Cattanach, Master and Fellow of Photography, NZ Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP)

– Fuji X Photographer
– NZIPP Wellington Photographer of the Year 2018
– NZIPP NZ Creative Photographer of the Year 2016

website: Catherine Cattanach
website: Good Headshots
book: Homage – an ode to Eryngium giganteum, a perennial thistle better known as Miss Willmott’s Ghost
Workflowy – The Best Way To Organize Your Thoughts

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Photographer - Catherine Cattanach
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