16 – Writer -Vanessa Evetts

Starvation, Caffeination, Isolation

Imagine taking weeks to leave aside your family and retreating to a friend’s caravan to do one thing: write.

Author Vanessa Evetts is 3 books into her journey of authoring 8 books, and this is just one of the many tactics she uses to get her books written.

She’s a busy woman, and has a busy life like most of us – she’s bringing up 3 children! – but still understands the power of deep focus, of setting aside time and getting stuff done.

“We get so caught up in a lack of time, we don’t realise the time we have”

Vanessa talks about being so busy, but not being productive, and how she overcomes it.

She talks about how her passion for writing found her (you’ll want to hang around to the end of the episode for this).

She talks about balancing family life with writing.

She talks about self-publishing, and how it’s working for her (with her novel appearing on best-selling lists).

She talks about the different phases of writing a book, and the different phases of a business, including the season of investment.

She talks about her network, her family support, and her writer’s life group.

And so much more. I needed to produce this episode, I hope you enjoy it like I do.


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Book one: Out of the Ashes (Amazon)
Website: Vanessa Evetts

Breaking Art: The Podcast, episode #16, is Writer Vanessa Evetts.

below images © Vanessa Evetts

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Writer - Vanessa Evetts
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