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15 – Sculptural Glass Maker – Di Tocker

“Just turn up”.

As a creative, some days are amazing. You’re thrilled. You’re excited. You’re inspired. You’re in your happy place and you can’t wait to build, craft, create.

Some days are tougher. Some days you can barely open the door.

Creativity is a habit, and the most important thing you can do, is “just front up“.

Join me with Sculptural Glass Maker Di Tocker, as we discuss so many great ideas and business practices. Di discusses, amongst many things:

  • the importance of figures in her work
  • thinking like glass (!!!)
  • living with your work for a while
  • diversity in income streams including teaching and becoming a supplier
  • studio efficiencies
  • curiosity and constantly learning
  • the utter importance of a support network
  • …& so much more.

And, we discuss the dark times. Those times you can barely open the door. Those times you – literally – can’t get up, can’t walk. And how these will shape and define your future.

Some progress is better than no progress at all. A tiny step forward is better than going nowhere.

Breaking Art: The Podcast, episode #15, is Sculptural Glass Maker Di Tocker.

below images © Di Tocker

above images © Di Tocker

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Sculptural Glass Maker Di Tocker
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