14 – Stylist – Yvette Edwards

As creatives, we’re so much more than just our title. It’s hard to brand ourselves using just a single word, and Yvette Edwards is no exception.

Yvette has experience as a ‘florist’, could possibly be identified as a ‘stylist’, but prefers to be identified as a ‘visual creative’. Nothing – no creative project – is beyond her. As creatives, we’ve got the ability, the resourcefulness, the knowledge, to say Yes, and figure it all out later.

Join Yvette in the Kombi, as we discuss a blossoming (!!!) botanical business, where having a presence in the middle of Wellington City is energising her business. We discuss the joys of running a business, of applying your creativity to everything – not just your products. We discuss staff and support. We discuss other creative outlets, and so, so much more.

Today’s guest, stylist Yvette Edwards.

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  1. Catherine Cattanach

    Great interview! Yvette’s lovely personality just shines through. She’s one talented woman.

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