13 – Illustrator – Pepper Raccoon


Scrappy, humourous, upfront & honest, insanely talented.

Illustrator Pepper Raccoon joined me in the Kombi to talk business: selling products & services, the value of humour, and quite simply – not being ashamed to sell your artwork.

to have a career you have to make money

Pepper also discussed diversity and a range of outputs, her beautifully rich and detailed stories of her education, and then Pepper’s environment: the piece of land she’s recently purchased, and working to create a “creative & horticultural nexus of experimentation and regeneration“.

Join my conversation with a genuine hard-working creative – someone unashamed to do what’s required to create a fulfilling creative future for herself.

I’m fine putting it on a t-shirt, I don’t care if that’s not considered high-brow

You can buy pins, patches, prints, stickers, & more at Pepper Raccoon’s online shop!

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Illustrator - Pepper Raccoon
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