11 – Sculptor – Max Patté

Can you ever imagine how the toughest time in your life could possibly result in your career taking off?

Max Patte is the sculptor responsible for the iconic Wellington waterfront sculpture: Solace in the Wind.

Described by the artist as an “emotional portrait”, Solace is considered a physical representation of where he was emotionally at that stage of his life.

Max Patte has an illustrious career in the movie industry – particularly well regarded at Weta Workshop – and utilising his skills, connections, and resources, is now crafting artworks that sell for upwards of $20,000 each.

From clay sculpture through to CNC milling and led lighting, Max is most comfortable using his hands and power tools, and currently excited by bringing modern technology to art & sculpture.

On this 10 year anniversary of the Solace in the Wind sculpture on the Wellington waterfront, join Max in the Kombi as we discuss the journey from art school, to job opportunities, to making it on your own. The journey from desolation to solace.

website: http://maxpatte.com/
instagram: @maxpatteart
facebook: @maxpatteartist
Wellington sculpture turns 10

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  1. jennie

    Jason, this was the first of ALL the podcasts I listened to( why start in the normal place, eh?!). I was sitting at Glasgow airport about to embark on the dire 30 hour plus plane trip home when I remembered I had downloaded your podcast for this very moment. Thank the pope I did. You kept me sane over the next day or so and not only sane, inspired, excited and motivated to come back home and get back into the work. You are a great reflective listener and I love your take home messages at the end. Its great to listen to all these creatives getting their groove on in such unique and impressive ways. The echo of their struggles and their creative solutions are just the kind conversations I want to be part of. Keep going, I look forward to more Kombi-talks.

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