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10 – Art Seller – Elliot (Endemic World)

How does the public decide what art should take pride of place on their walls?

Should a piece of art be $40, $400, $4,000, or more?

What does an art gallery look like?

Today’s guest, Elliot from endemicworld.com, is breaking the art rules and challenging the answers to all of these questions, and more.

From early beginnings as an e-commerce retailer of all things design, Elliot has an absolute passion for art – paintings, screen prints, fine art prints, letterpress, photographs – and has found his niche, successfully running a shared gallery & studio (in Ponsonby real estate!) selling thousands of pieces of art from New Zealand and International artists.

Cultivating a personal relationship with the artists he stocks is just one of the many touches that makes Elliot’s business such a success.

“Harder, Faster, More.”

Join us, as we discuss the early pivot from design to art, relationships with artists, defining a gallery space, supporting artists, supporting the paying public, the passion of business, the hustle, and so much more!

website: endemicworld.com
insta: @endemicworld

Some of Elliot’s favourite artists:
Georgie Malyon
Nigel Roberts
Mcleavey Gallery

Road trip companion: Malcolm Gladwell

Endemic World

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