09 – Photographer – Paul Alsop

Ever had anyone cry while you were creating your art?

Ever had someone just want to hang out alongside you for hours as you craft and create, just because what you’re creating – how you’re creating it – is such an amazing process?

Today’s guest, photographer Paul Alsop, is bringing new solutions and technology to one of the oldest forms of photography: wet plate collodion photography.

At a time when we can create photographs within seconds, and create thousands of photographs per day, Paul’s creations take minutes, hours, sometimes weeks to pull together, and he’s created a body of just 2,000+ images in his entire career.

Paul is a true craftsman: part scientist, part artist.

The interesting thing, is the way Paul is balancing the trifecta of art, family, & income. They are – with perhaps a small overlap – very separate entities. And his enjoyment and love of photography hasn’t waned, he hasn’t experienced anything like burnout.

Maybe there’s a secret here!

Join us as we discuss the history of photography, the full tintype creative process, disrupting traditional methods, supporting your art with a real job, collaboration, and much more!

“There’s nothing more unhealthy than boxing yourself in, putting your elbows out, and keeping people away because you’re working on this thing you don’t want anybody to help you with.”

website: Paul Alsop – COLLODIONISM
instagram: @silver_sunbeams
facebook: @silversunbeams

capture mag: Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographer 2017

all below images © Paul Alsop

above images © Paul Alsop

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