07 – Painter – Sofia Minson

Who needs a television, a couch, or even a living room?

What a waste of good space. Ever imagined converting an entire room in your house into your creative studio?

Today’s guest is painter Sofia Minson, and she’s done exactly that. The biggest, lightest, and most comfortable room in her house – where she spends most of her time – has become her painting studio.

Sofia Minson has spent her creative career painting ‘whatever the heck she feels like’.

“If I won’t enjoy painting something, I don’t do it.”

Sofia’s ancestry is a huge inspiration in her artwork, drawing on her Ngāti Porou Māori, Swedish, English and Irish heritage, and she enjoys the time-consuming and patient process of layering oil paints on canvas. 13-14 years after her first pieces sold at The Woman’s Show, her latest limited edition prints are selling for $1,000, with the original pieces selling for multiples more!

Join us, as we discuss her creative space, creative inspiration, reaching a state of flow, the importance of support, collaborations and exhibitions, and so much more!

website: http://www.newzealandartwork.com/

all below images © Sofia Minson

above images © Sofia Minson

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  1. Sarah Munro

    Hi Jason,
    I have just listened to this podcast interviewing Sofia and just want to say WAY TO GO!!!!! Great to see someone debunking the myths around artists being starving, insane and drunk. I am looking forward to working my way through the rest of your podcasts while I am at work in my studio.

    I am a figurative painter here in Hamilton, NZ and Sofia’s story is an inspiration for me. As I work towards my financial goals for my art practice it is so good to have those role models to look to. So THANK YOU YOU!!!!!

    I am also involved with WINTEC in Hamilton and host a quarterly Student Forum with the Masters and Honours students in the Media Arts programme. Would you consider coming to Hamilton to talk about what you are doing here as our guest speaker for one of these meetings?

    I think your vision and the work you are doing would be very inspiring.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    With much gratitude with the work you are doing in this world,

    Sarah Mitchell Munro

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