06 – Illustrator & Graphic Designer – Greg Straight

Inspiration may be closer than you think.

Inspired by his surroundings – his love for the sea & surf, or the New Zealand trees and wildlife outside his studio space – Greg is creating Kiwiana-inspired artwork

“Observation is outside.”
~ Dick Frizzel

Today’s guest is renowned for his use of bright hues and bold vector graphics, he’s Auckland Illustrator, Graphic Designer, & Artist: Greg Straight.

Greg perfectly treads the line between creativity and commerce. His clients include large household brands like McDonalds, Good George, Countdown, and more recently Nespresso. His commercial clients respect his vision and approach, and allow him creative freedom to continue in his style.

Greg also makes time to create artwork via his online shop, a perfect accompaniment to his commercial work.

“It’s a burning feeling deep down, that you need to create something.”

And yet, Greg still manages to make time to surf, or spend with his children. The perfect work/life balance!

Tune in as we discuss inspiration, his environment, plowing ahead and pushing on, creating for the sake of creating, exposure and continuing to do your best work. Thanks for listening!

Connect & follow Greg online:

Web – https://gregstraight.com/
Instagram – @gregstraightart
Facebook – @gregstraightdesign

all images © Greg Straight

all images © Greg Straight

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One comment
  1. Catherine Adam

    I really enjoyed this Jason and Greg.

    ‘Keep going’ is key. Yes, it does get hard and it is perhaps easier to step back to the full-time 9-5 in terms of money coming in, but if we have creative hopes and dreams, we have to keep on going.
    I related to the creative types being ‘sensitive souls’ — I too get knocked around as putting ourselves and our work out there is putting ourselves into a potentially vulnerable position, but if we are creative, we really have to do it. Learn along the way, put the work and passion into it, let it grow and learn and don’t be afraid to adapt, change. Put pride aside.

    Thank you 🙂

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