05 – Photographer – Si Moore (Bayly & Moore)

Money can never lead art. You end up with terrible art that no one wants anything to do with.

Si Moore – artist & photographer – from Bayly & Moore, joins me in the Kombi to discuss Art & Commerce.

Turns out they’re pretty happy bedfellows, as long as you remember that commerce follows art.

Si spoke of his community – his proudest achievement – and the importance of having curators and filters

He spoke of Art coming from the heart, and the role an artist plays in society.

Life numbs people down. An artist’s role is to not have a numb heart.

He spoke of the creative process, of having a process to go through, and the way film photography changes his process and makes him stop, think. He needs a different process, a different workflow, to his normal digital workflow. And sometimes, you don’t even need a result – just a process.

“Sometimes it’s better to never get the result, but have a process that you had to go through.

Join me as we chat art & commerce, having a process, having a curator, sharing your back story, cultivating a community, and so, soooo much more.

If you want to make something that changes people, you have to be changed in the process.

Si’s suggested reading listening & reading:

Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins
Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up
Feist – Pleasure

J.A. Baker – The Peregrine
Dave Goulson – A Sting in the Tale: My Adventures with Bumblebees

Si’s road trip buddy – Oli Sansom

above images © Sophia Bayly & Si Moore

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